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'Why Don't You"
Radio Single Reviews
Written by Marty Rivers & Joe Spiteri
Performed by Marty Rivers


Etienne Berthels, Radio Terre Franche, Belgium “Very great performance. Nice music, excellent rhythm.”

Kurt Gabriel, ECMA Radio, Austria “Excellent great feet-moving song”

George Inglis, TD1 Radio, UK “10 out of 10”

Graham McLeod, Black Diamond FM, UK “Stunning single”

Dan Reddington, Big City Radio, UK “Enjoyed this very much”

Gerd Stassen, EVW Radio, Germany “Really good song”

Ray Pannach, Coast FM, Australia “Great tune”

Allan Watkiss, UKCountryRadio “Good song, well performed and produced”

Andrew Wallace, Fraser Coast FM, Australia “Great song”

Ricky Lee, WCR Radio, UK “Very good song”

Rene Hofmann, Country Music Radio, Switzerland “Very fine track”

Stewart Fenwick, Celtic Music Radio, UK “Good production and well sung”

Trudy Burke, WYN FM Radio, Australia “I love this; it’s 10 out of 10”

Urbain Van Geerturuy, Radio Beiiard, Belgium “Super good enjoyable song”

Richard Dales-Coupland, Zetland FM, UK “An accomplished articulate artist”

Ted Munslow, International Live DJ, UK “This is great”

Stuart Cameron, East Coast FM, UK “Plenty of airplay for this”

John Staff, CCM Radio, UK “10 out of 10”





'Midnight Sky"
Radio Single Reviews
Written by Marty Rivers & Joe Spiteri
Performed by Marty Rivers


Ros Ray, Forest FM Radio, UK “Great Honky Tonk music; 10 out of 10”


Phil Walsh, CRMK Radio, UK “Marty is becoming a favourite on the show”


Rita Blackburn, Radio Star, Ireland “Excellent; 10 out of 10”


Paul West, Hope FM, UK “We all love this”


Al Field, Shoalhaven FM, Australia “Impeccable country; 10 out of 10”


Bjarne Hesselbjerggaard, Radio Sindal, Denmark “The No.1 of this month for me; 10 out of 10”


Rolf Hierath, Radio Rheinwelle, Germany “Brilliant piece of work; 10 out of 10”


Maurice Hope, RocknReel magazine, UK “Wonderful, loose and cheery. Texas borders tainted fare. Ideal music to get a party started. Drink and be merry as you toast a real country act”


Kjell Horlin, MCWC Radio, Sweden “Excellent; 10 out of 10”


John Murray, Leith FM, UK “Classic country”


Lucien Boes, VRW Radio, Belgium “Very good song and very talented singer”


June Williams, KHBW Radio, USA “Faultless offering; 10 out of 10”


Henry Garfath, Linedance DJ, UK “Great song; popular and much requested”


Jackie Blair, Country Music & Dance magazine, UK “First class song; 10 out of 10”


Per Rodal, Radio Midt-Norge, Norway “Brilliant; 10 out of 10”


Graham McLeod, Black Diamond FM, UK “Fantastic song - well done; 10 out of 10”


Etienne Berthels, Radio Terre Franche, Belgium “Very great performance. Really nice music; 10 out of 10”


Herbert Fischer, Midtfjord Radio, Denmark “Great country; 10 out of 10”


Richard Kirk, Linedancer magazine, UK “I rate this very high; 10 out of 10”


Barry Gower, Coast FM, Australia “Good piece of work”


John Andersen, Radio Maelkebotten, Denmark “This is a special track”


Mike Penard, ISA Radio, France “One of Marty’s best”


Barry Dixon, Now Dig This magazine, UK “Should do well for Marty”


Stuart Cameron, CMR Nashville, UK “Marty is growing in stature and this top three hit confirms it – looking forward to 2012 for more success”


John Brookfield, Pathfinder magazine, UK “Nice easy listening nice song”


Brian Sharman, Wycombe Radio, UK “Excellent; 10 out of 10”


Tommy Truesdale, West Sound Radio, UK “Top quality from him”


Allan Watkiss, UK Country Radio, UK “Great country and very good voice”


Ian Ashcroft, Linedance & Live DJ, UK “Nice track”


Sean Green, Shine FM Radio & TV, UK “Great sounding song”


Brian Ahern, Pure FM Radio, UK “Nice and bright”


Soren Andersson, Radio Avesta, Sweden “Nice bloke from Malta who delivers a good song”


Abel Stel, Radio Brandaris, Holland “Beautiful song; 10 out of 10”


Stewart Fenwick, Celtic Music Radio, UK “Really catchy”


John Morris, Trust AM Radio, UK “Top marks from me; 10 out of 10”


Brian Lewis, Hobart FM, Tasmania “Good clear voice, backing, beat and a great song”


Smoky Sheldrick, 2 Way FM, Australia “This is his best so far”


Peter Anderl, ORF Radio, Austria “Good uptempo song”


Paul Hazell, Radio Uckfield, UK “Well produced, sounds good”


Hans Mair, Radio Osttirol, Austria “Well done – I couldn’t give this less than a 10 out of 10”


Phil Roberts, KCR Radio, UK “He delivers this well”


Alan Staniland, Radio Warrington, UK “Brilliant song; 10 out of 10”


Sandy Watt, Waves Radio, UK  “10 out of 10”


Ray Grundy, Metro Radio, UK “Catchy Mavericks type tune. Very hard to keep the feet still too. Best yet from Marty!”


Goran Ohlzon – Enkoping FM Radio, Sweden “This is very good”


Erik Topholm, Country Kanalen, Denmark “Wow – his best so far”



Petur Rouch, Faroya Radio, Faroe Islands “Superb effort; 10 out of 10”


Alex Pijnen, Zuidwest Radio, Holland “Excellent; 10 out of 10”


Brette Dominique, Triangle FM, France “Very good country rock”


Erwin Schapendonk, Centraal FM, Holland “Very nice song”


Tom Robinson, Kingstown Radio, UK “Full uplifting song from Marty that just swings along fine”


Steve Snelling, Radio Hafren, UK “Good track well done”





'Run Angel Run"
Radio Single Reviews
Written by Marty Rivers & Joe Spiteri
Performed by Marty Rivers


Stuart Cameron, CMR Nashville Radio  “Marty has come from nowhere to achieve instant success in the Hotdisc charts. Being from Malta he is the first singer from that country to be released on Hotdisc. His music is excellent and this is a very impressive debut. I am sure he will go on in his career to gain many more fans through substantial airplay”


Graham Lees, Creative FM Radio, UK “Very impressive hotdisc debut”


Tom Lambert, Variety Radio, Ireland “My favourite track on Hotdisc this month”


Rita Blackburn, Radio Star, Ireland “Superb track and artist”


Brian Sharman, Wycombe Radio, UK “An excellent new act with a killer song”


Maurice Hope, Rock n Reel magazine, UK “Bright and breezy this is a hundred mile an hour affair

that will have you up off your seat dancing and a good listen too”


Phil Roberts, Dune FM Radio, UK “Very interesting hotdisc debut from a man to watch”


Brette Dominique, Triangle FM, France “Country rock at its best”


Alex Pijnen, BRTO Radio, Holland “Excellent”


Graham McLeod, Black Diamond FM, UK “Very good piece of work”


Al Watts, Collingwood Radio, Australia “He does country well”


Kurt Gabriel, Radio Theben, Austria “Excellent song, interesting voice”


Etienne Berthels, Radio Terre Franche, Belgium “Excellent performance, good style”


John Morris, Trust AM Radio, UK “I will be following him closely in the future – more please from Marty”


Alan Priestley, Linedance DJ, UK “Nice song, singer very good too”


Erwin Schapendonk, Centraal FM, Holland “Sound pretty nice to me”


Bob Birch, Venture Radio, UK “Very impressive”


Tom Robinson, Kingstown Radio, UK “Liked this very much”


Peter Fairhead, BBC Radio, UK “This is very good”


Alan Potter, Tempo FM Radio, UK “Finger snapping song”


Barry Dixon, Now Dig This magazine, UK “Should do well for Marty”


John Brookfield, Pathfinder magazine, UK “Nice foot tapping song”


Mike Penard, ISA Radio, France “Very enjoyable release”


Herbert Fischer, Midtfjord Radio, Denmark “A great song”


Ricky Lee, Warminster Radio, UK “Very good”


Hans Mair, Radio Osttirol, Austria “First rate effort”


Patrick Molis, IDFM Radio, France “Great Hotdisc debut from this Maltese singer”


Gerry Warren, 974 Radio, Australia “Like this a lot – catchy”


Friedrich Hogg, Radio Free, Germany “Airplay assured here”


Alan Staniland, Radio Warmington, UK “Good foot tapping tune” 


Pietro Scazzola, Radio Gold, Italy “Very good involving rhythm”


Tony Crooke, Stafford Radio, UK “Very good release”

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