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Maltese Falcon album review    Planet Country

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'MIdnight Sky"
Album Reviews


"Right now my favourite album is Midnight Sky from Marty Rivers, 100% perfect, really the kind of country music I love." Christian Koch, Radio France.


“Twelve songs of lasting pleasure and top entertainment in this music genre. His nice self-penned songs vary from tearjerkers over swinging Cajun tracks to country rockers. Whether you are a fan or not of this music style, nobody can deny that this record has been perfectly and professionally crafted and deserves all the best credits.” Roots time magazine


“I have to say that he has probably made one of the best indie albums of the year. An album that makes me think of how George Strait sounded almost thirty years ago. Music that is made for an evening at the local. It starts out strongly with the title song, a perfectly produced song that features the accordion. This is a record for those who spell country with a large C.” Jonas Öhman, OM Country, Sweden


"This is one of the year's best record releases in traditional country. Impressive that Marty Rivers comes from Malta. A disc well worth mentioning, it will be exciting to follow the development of Marty Rivers and his deserved successes.” Kjell Horlin, Sweden


"Midnight Sky by Marty Rivers is an album to amaze you. First thought: Here’s a Texan with some Mexican roots. It’s pretty special that this is made in Nashville, because apparently they can still produce that delicious authentic country. Just a band with all the trimmings: guitars, fiddle, mandolin, steel guitar, dobro, accordion, piano, organ, bass and drums. And hurray, this is not country in the disguise of cowardly pop. Well, the number God Sent Angel is very sweet, but rather it’s something that comes from the Nashville studios nowadays. But then the real surprise. Marty Rivers is from Malta. Huh? Malta? Yes, really, Marty Rivers is not American nor Mexican. He must be very well immersed in the genre. Because when listening to Midnight Sky you think of the Mavericks, Freddy Fender, Damon Bramblett, and even of Webb Wilder (the rocking Lora Mae) or Jesse Dayton. Does the name Narvel Felts means something to anyone? Rivers convinces as tenor and baritone. If that is not enough, he closes his album with Forever Yours on which he has made the Hawaii-style his own. It is not only yeehaw and y arriba, but also aloha from Malta!" John Gjaltema, Alt Country, The Netherlands


"Midnight Sky was recorded in Nashville, the Mecca of country music. The music that Marty Rivers and his fellow musicians have to offer is very well produced. Eleven out of the 12 songs are written by Marty Rivers himself, along with Joe Spiteri. One might suspect that Marty has absorbed country music with the mother's milk. This actually sounds more American than some country bards from the motherland of this music. Influences from Cajun, for example, are subtly incorporated into the music, as in the title song or in "Louisiana Girl". But all in all this is pure country." Ingo Andrushkevich, Musik An Sich, Germany


"An extraordinarily jazzy country album. Only the honky-tonk song is a cover as Rivers has written everything himself." Holly Moors, Moors Magazine.


Duncan Warwick, editor, Country Music People Magazine “A very enjoyable and varied record done so well”


Michael Schroeter, Herford Radio, Germany “This is a very good album with excellent production and great country music”


Keith Greentree, BBC Radio, UK “This is a very nice album”

Ricky Lee, Warminster Radio/CMR Nashville “Very good album”


Veronica Capaldi, WHCR FM Radio, UK “Some excellent tracks here - well-written songs make this stand out. A collection of good traditional country music”


John Morris, Trust Radio, UK “This is a classic country album which will get plenty of play from me”


Alan Potter, Tempo FM, UK “There is not a bad track on this album. I enjoyed Marty's work very much”


Peter Anderl, ORF Radio, Austria “This album has a very good sound to it” 


Graham Lees, HWD RADIO, UK “High standard of album”


Jackie Blair, Country Music & Dance Magazine “A very enjoyable album with a nice mix of styles on it”


Stewart Fenwick, Celtic Music Radio, UK “Really liked this album. A good set of songs which are well sung”


Tommy Truesdale, West Sound Radio, UK “Great vocals and good backing music”


Graham McLeod, Black Diamond FM Radio, UK “I was so impressed”


Phil Roberts, Dune FM Radio, UK “a pleasant collection of songs”


Brette Dominique, Radio Sensations, France “Enjoyable album”


Colin Thorpe, Erewash radio, UK “A well put together album”


Helen MacPherson, Moray Firth Radio, UK “A Pleasant album”


Friedrich Hog, Radio Free FM, Germany“I like this album a lot”


Sean Green, Shine FM, Ireland “A fine pure country album”


Bjarne Hesselbjeggard, Radio Sindal, Denmark“Fave tracks - Just about all of them - very impressed; I have never been disappointed with Marty's work”


Irene Tradewell, Country Routes magazine, UK “Most enjoyable album - I enjoyed all tracks”


Ann Hinder, Southern Country Magazine “Very Well presented album; A good mixture of tempos; this album would please most country music followers”

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